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Georgia Record Restriction as of 2021

This law is new as of 2021 and I am overjoyed to tell you about it. We have a 90 percent success rate in having troublesome misdemeanors removed from people’s record. My latest case was a disabled, rideshare driver who had a misdemeanor case over ten years ago. He had been moving along just fine Read More

Youthful Offender Act

Official Code of Georgia Annotated Section 35-3-37(j) Your record can be restricted aka expunged under the Youthful Offender Act. If you were convicted of certain misdemeanor charges when you were under the age of twenty-one (21) or a series of misdemeanors arising from a single incident, you may be eligible. Some misdemeanor offenses are not Read More

Retroactive First Offender-Getting Felonies Restricted from Your Record

The 2015 Georgia Retroactive First Offenders Law can be life-changing for many. If a conviction is holding you back from a promotion, new job opportunity or new business venture then using the law could give you a new jumpstart. Hire an attorney to file a Petition and get started today. Georgia Law on Retroactive First Read More

Early Probation Termination

Good News! Our state legislatures and governor signed into law Senate Bill 105 on May 3, 2021. This law applies to anyone serving a felony probation sentence out of Georgia. As with all things, this law has a criteria for eligibility. To be considered you must have had no new arrests; no probation revocations in Read More

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